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Screw it! I'll Be My OWN Contractor is a complete guide to managing your construction project like a pro, whether it is a DIY remodel or building a new home. Not only will you save money and control the budget, but you'll also stay on schedule and manage the subcontractors while taking your project to a successful conclusion.

Readers will learn how to build a budget, make a schedule, track costs, get a permit, deal with inspectors, and much more from seasoned contractors as well as other successful owner-builders. Learn more...

This is the best guide to being your own contractor that I have seen in 20 plus years of financing owner/builders. It is simple, easy to understand, but explains in great detail every step of managing your project from start to finish. If you follow this guide you will be successful."

- Dennis C. Giaconne, President, Redwood Financial Ltd.


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