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DIY New Construction & Remodels

How To Be My Own Contractor

Take Control Of Your Project Today

The Essential Guide

DIY Remodel and DIY New Construction

By Award-Winning Builder Bill Trimble


Carpenteria, Ca. New home. I was the project Superintendent. Bill Trimble bemyowncontractor.com

Carpenteria, CA, new home project.

YES. If you want to take control of one of the biggest investments you have—and keep costs to a minimum and quality to a maximum. Over thirty years of experience building homes and being the contractor, Bill Trimble can show you how.

Screw it! I’ll Be My OWN Contractor is a complete guide to managing your construction project like a pro, whether it is a DIY remodel or building a new home. Not only will you save money and control the budget, but you’ll also stay on schedule and manage the subcontractors while taking your project to a successful conclusion.



Readers will learn how to build a budget, make a schedule, track costs, get a permit, deal with inspectors, and much more from seasoned contractors as well as other successful owner-builders. Learn more…

Don’t forget to visit our Blog page, where Bill shares his wisdom about many of the most important aspects of planning, hiring and project management for your new or remodel project.

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