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Author William A. Trimble

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Author William A. Trimble bemyowncontractor.com

Ask Bill Trimble what question has never been answered for him and he’ll probably say he can’t conceive of the concept of never-ending space. That’s not surprising for someone who has had almost thirty years of experience in custom home construction, and deals with finite space on a daily basis.

Among other things, Bill has worked as a “hands-on” builder, a superintendent, a project manager and a general contractor. He likes to be known as the “answer man” in his field. And he likes educating people who have a yen to build their own dream home, whether it’s a vacation cabin or a permanent residence.

In fact, while teaching classes for owner/builders, he got more students coming to him than he ever dreamed he would. His classes filled up with waiting lists.

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Many of his students urged him to write a book. So he did. Make it yours today: A small investment in print or eBook format will save you money and give YOU control. From planning to walk-through, it's all in here. Easy to read, only what you need.

Bill’s best advice to aspiring owner-builders is to:

  • Learn how to manage what they are undertaking (it’s not enough to know how to perform trade tasks)
  • Keep up communications with the subcontractors
  • Pay careful attention to the schedule
  • And don’t forget to have fun with their dream project!

Trimble has won the Master Builders Award, the Santa Barbara Beautiful Award, and was given the Award of Merit at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference.

If he weren’t doing what he’s doing today, he’d like to pursue his interest in a few biological sciences or become a motivational speaker. He loves reading, sailing, classical music, good jazz, Laurel and Hardy and the humor of William Buckley. His interests are, shall we say, eclectic. (Secretly he’d like to get paid to hang around bookstores!)

If asked what the most unusual item in his toolbox is, he would tell you about the sign that reads “No Sniveling,” which he readily shows to any complainer on his job site!

Bill Trimble lives and works in Santa Barbara, CA.