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Essential Reads To Manage Your Dream Project

How To Hire The Right Architect

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HOW TO HIRE THE RIGHT ARCHITECT FOR YOUR CONSTRUCTION PROJECT If your dream home project has been in your head for a long time and now you are ready to move on it, the most important question you must answer is: How To Hire The Right Architect? The first thing you have to do is…

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How to Manage Construction Schedules

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HOW TO MANAGE CONSTRUCTION SCHEDULES You’ve hired a general contractor to complete your project for what seems like an enormous amount of money. But many in this position know little or nothing about what goes on at the job site; importantly, how to manage construction schedules. After all, you’re training may be in accounting, or…

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Disputes With Contractors and Tradesmen

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HOW TO AVOID DISPUTES WITH CONTRACTORS AND TRADESMEN Owner-builders seem to have a knack for getting themselves in hot water, and I don’t mean from a broken water line. Disputes with contractors and tradesmen seem to happen more than they should. I think it’s fair to say that most of us dislike bickering and arguing.…

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Home Improvement Permits: When You Need Them, How To Obtain Them

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HOME IMPROVEMENT PERMITS: WHEN YOU NEED THEM, HOW TO OBTAIN THEM If you have a desire to really irritate someone who is planning a home improvement project, ask them if they have their home improvement permits yet. The typical response is both a disgusted look and, “NO! I don’t want to go through the hassle…

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Contractor Rip Off Stories: How To Prevent Your Own

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CONTRACTOR RIP OFF STORIES: HOW TO PREVENT YOUR OWN Listening to the radio in my car the other day, I was astonished to hear yet another example of too many contractor rip off stories. This particular story was about a couple who hired a contractor to do work in their home. After writing a check…

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Flipping Houses: A Pro’s Essential Check List for Beginners

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FLIPPING HOUSES: A PRO’S ESSENTIAL CHECKLIST FOR BEGINNERS If you’ve done your own renovations and remodeling—especially if you are flipping houses as an investment—putting the final issues to rest so that you can finally proclaim yourself finished is notoriously frustrating and always more time consuming than you would have imagined. As soon as you think…

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Greem Remodel

Can I Afford A Green Remodel? Checklist of Affordable Ideas

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CAN I AFFORD A GREEN REMODEL? CHECKLIST OF AFFORDABLE IDEAS You want to do a renovation on your home or you have purchased a bank-owned house, but it needs work—and a green remodel would be ideal. You want to do the right thing in using equipment and materials that are sustainable and good for our…

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Housing Market Crash 2008: How To Get Out From Under

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HOUSING MARKET CRASH 2008: HOW TO GET OUT FROM UNDER Homeowners Make Improvements to Existing Homes, Adding Value for the Future (Scottsdale, Arizona, August 01, 2008) — Tighter lending standards, foreclosures and wary buyers means there is an enormous inventory of empty housing units adversely affecting the sale of existing homes. Homeowners who might want…

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