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Screw It!

I'll Be My Own Contractor

How To Manage My Construction Project

A How To book written by a contractor for those interested in perfecting their new construction or remodel project.

An Inside Look into The Book

If you are a DIY builder you will find information here that will make your DIY remodel go smoothly and let you have fun with your project. If you want to be your own contractor you will find answers to all your questions:

How do I find good people I can trust to do the work?

Section Two – The Bidding Process
Discover ways to find good builders and to filter out the bad.

Do I need a permit? What do I have to do to get one?

Section Three – Permits and Inspections
All the procedures in getting a permit are discussed here.

How do I find someone to draw the plans?

Section One – Hiring an Architect or Designer
All you need to know about hiring someone to design your project is found in this section. You will see who to look for, things you’ll need to provide for them and what questions to ask.

How much is this going to cost?
How can I make a budget that includes everything?

Section Two – The Cost Breakdown
Here you will learn how a cost breakdown is built, what categories need to be hard numbers and which can be allowances, and a sample budget for you to study.

Top 6 Mistakes Owner/Builders Make

Talking Points

Embarking on a construction project on one’s own takes a fair amount of information gathering in order to be successful. Owner/builders need to know the steps to be taken. Here are a few of the common mistakes beginners make when they don’t know the process:

  • Neglecting to do a thorough job of screening all subcontractors before they are signed on as part of the construction team.
  • Signing contract proposals with no verified license or proof of insurance.
  • Beginning work without a complete schedule and budget.
  • Failing to keep the trades aware of the schedule.
  • Funding pay requests without first evaluating what is being invoiced.
  • Lack of communication with subcontractors and material suppliers.
Top Questions ``SCREW IT!...`` Answers:

How To Manage My Construction Project

  • What are the responsibilities of being an owner/builder?
  • Besides saving money, why would anyone want to be their own contractor?
  • What’s the downside of being an owner/builder? What’s the upside?
  • Who do you hire first and why?
  • How many subcontractors does one need on a job?
  • What is the best way to go about hiring qualified independent trade contractors like painters and plumbers?
  • How does one find out what the going rate is for independent trade contractors?
  • How can an owner/builder determine if their budget is realistic?
  • Should an owner/builder take out a loan to build a dream home? If so, what’s the best way to do that?
  • There’s a lot of talk about Green Building. What’s the advantage of this and is it more expensive?
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